The Beginning

Text on blue, "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end. then stop.Maria Von Trapp said that starting at the very beginning was a very good place to start, so that’s where we’ll commence.

A few years ago, Dennis mentioned that he thought it would be great if we could purchase a business and spend our days together. I was certainly keen on the idea, but didn’t think much about it until a year later when I saw him searching the internet for business opportunities.

Three years went by with not much happening and one day my sister called and said she knew of a Bed and Breakfast that might be going on the market and that we should come take a look. We did and faster than Jack Frost appropriating Wyoming, we became the new owners of Amid Summer’s Inn Bed and Breakfast in Cedar City, Utah.

These first few months have been a roller coaster with Dennis going back and forth between Utah and Wyoming, taking care of business in both states, while I have been working at the Inn, cleaning, redecorating, organizing and preparing.

Since the day of closing on March 10, 2017, we have had guests stay with us. As they have come and gone, each has left a footprint on our hearts. We look forward to the return of our new friends and hope to make many more as our new adventure begins…together.

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